Matching Volunteers to the Right Non Profit – Lets Make it Easier

Matching Volunteers to the Right Non Profit – Lets Make it Easier

22:56 27 January in

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222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago

From 5:30pm until 8:30pm


222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago

How Might Lesser-Known Nonprofits Further Their Mission by Identifying & Engaging the Volunteer Talents of their Community?


Join the Conversation while enjoying Great Food & Beverages 

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The majority of people don’t know how to go about volunteering within their community. At the same time the majority of smaller nonprofits need skill-based volunteering to achieve their mission. This disconnect between the needs of most nonprofits and the desire of people to volunteer will be the problem we will define, explore and resolve together.  Join Us.


Speakers & Panelist 


Utilizing Everyone’s Skills – Rethinking where to find volunteer talent

Merri Dee, AARP's Illinois State President of Volunteerism

Finding volunteers outside traditional channels requires a slight rethinking by the volunteer and the nonprofit. Each of these stakeholders can benefit from one another. Now lets discover all the people willing and able to volunteer to help nonprofits achieve their missions.

Skill-Based Volunteering as a Needed Trend

Mary Ellen Sullivan, Director, The Community Corps

The traditional volunteering model used by nonprofits is riddled with problems, the trend of skills-based volunteering is addressing many of these issues and working toward a more efficient and effective volunteer system.

Panel Conversation: Nontraditional Sources of Volunteers

Moderator - Kara Kennedy, Executive Director, Lumity



5:30 pm Arrival and Networking

6:15 pm Program Start

6:30 pm Speakers and Panel

7:15 pm Workshop: "Explore Solutions"

8:15 pm Group Presentations

8:30 pm Good Bye

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How might lesser known nonprofits further their missions by identifying and engaging the volunteer talents of their community?

Core to the WE Design Think experience is being informed by speakers, and then having them join the attendees to explore the HOW MIGHT WE question. Each workshop is facilitated by WE Design Think facilitators.


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Lets thank Lumity for sponsoring this event and helping create a wonderful set of speakers and panelists. Lumity is a nonprofit that reaches deep with it's impact in the Chicago community. Lumity catalyzes Chicago's nonprofit community to do more good work by increasing the capacity of charitable organizations to more effectively fulfill their missions through technological and financial assistance and solutions...continued


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