Designing for Social Good

Designing for Social Good

21:34 23 September in

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415 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654

From 5:30pm until 8:00pm

At i.c.stars

415 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654

Hey, Design Thinkers, we have a powerful evening planned with Designing For Social Good as our topic and our workshop. We will hear a practitioner and follow that with a workshop to learn, apply, or exercise our Design Thinking skills.

Our speaker is George Aye, co-founder of the Greater Good Studio, who believes in the power of design to impact the world. After working at IDEO, George decided to create a company that would focus on human-centered research and how it changes design; how design changes behavior; and how behavior changes the world. There are important lessons to be learned in finding out how using Design Thinking can advance the social good, so come hear George, a leading practitioner, address these topics.

Our event will be hosted in the space. We chose i.c.stars because they embodied the concept of “Design for Social Good.” Over 15 years ago, Chicago led the nation by recognizing that technology and leadership could be taught using a project-based methodology. I.c.stars chose to serve the urban young adults who have a GED or equivalent, and it is model around the country for other programs. It is well known within the corporate and vendor community as an excellent source of talent.

Our workshop will take the concepts George Aye professes, and we will collectively tackle an issue that i.c.stars would like to address by using our collective thoughts to brainstorm divergent ideas. What is the problem we will be solving? Come to the event, and you will participate in creating the solution.

We invite anyone interested in Design Thinking, both practitioners and learners — especially those interested in designing for the social good. Our goal is to build a larger community of practitioners.


5:30–6:00 networking and refreshments

6:00–6:30 George Aye, Speaker

6:30–6:40 Q & A

6:40–8:00 Workshop