Design Thinking – the Framework to Win a Hackathon

Design Thinking – the Framework to Win a Hackathon

19:22 12 April in

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Chicago, IL, United States

From 7:00 am until 10:00 pm

At 1871 West Merchandise Mart Plaza

Chicago, IL, United States

HOW MIGHT WE use the design thinking framework to win a Hackathon?


Design Thinking is the perfect framework to use if you only have 48 hours to design the most amazing solution for a Hackathon. In this case the Hackathon was a web or mobile app. We start by focusing in on understanding the Hackathon's desired outcome is a single winner.  

1. Your audience or stakeholder are the judges. Learn who they are and create/design for them.

(No you're not cheating, your being empathetic.)

2. Use simple physical design at all times so that the interface never interfers with the solution.

(No you're not lazy, it just isn't the time to become a visual designer. Copy good design.)

3. Your ability to verbally communicate what you have created will be the most important aspect of your presentation. If you are effective in communicating or pitching your finished design, the judges will think they see what you said.

(No you're not cheating, you're designing for the judges who are judging a Hackathon. If you make it easy to understand and solved a compelling problem, then you will win.)




WE Design Think invites you to join us for this Hackathon. Please register here.

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