University of Chicago’s – Chicago Innovation Exchange – Accelerate Its Growth

University of Chicago’s – Chicago Innovation Exchange – Accelerate Its Growth

19:37 11 February in

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1452 East 53rd Street, Chicago

From 5:30 pm until 9:00pm

At Chicago Innovation Exchange

1452 East 53rd Street, Chicago


How Might We accelerate the Chicago Innovation Exchange's role as a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem?

How might diverse thought and skills of the student community support this effort? 



The entrepreneurial realm is changing, no longer do you have to live in Silicon Valley if you want to be in tech or pursue entrepreneurship. The innovation can happen all around us. You have a unique opportunity to build an innovation ecosystem - yes, the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE).  

The CIE is bringing together massive local, regional, and national resources to deliver a unique opportunity that enhances the academic experience to include collaboration of ideas and how they can be brought to market. No experience is needed.

You need only a curiosity to explore, define, and leverage the CIE to discover the power of collaborative creativity. You have a unique opportunity to be ahead of your peers as you participate in the global trend of creating innovation ecosystems based on collaboration to replace corporate internal R&D departments.

You'll be ahead of all others by helping to lead this global transformation. Join us. Listen to the speakers as they set the stage for a workshop. In the workshop, you will use the Design Thinking problem solving methodology to collectively solve for ways the CIE might become a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. During the workshop we will teach you to use these methods, and you'll have new skills that you can apply to your academic life and throughout your career.  




Jeffrey Margolis, Managing Director, ISTC
Students will be graduating into a global environment of regional/local entrepreneurial ecosystems. They are the emerging systems for local and regional economic development. They are being created worldwide in both developed and developing nations. Leverage this change.

John Flavin, CEO, Chicago Innovation  Exchange

The role of the CIE as an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Why was the CIE created? Who is in the CIE ecosystem -Argonne, Fermilabs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UChicago Alumni. What programming does the CIE provide?

Eddie Lou, CEO, Entrepreneur, Shiftgig 

The entrepreneurial mindset requires teams of complementary skills to effectively collaborate and create a scalable business.


Workshop - Problem Solving Using Design Thinking

  • Use Design Thinking frameworks to explore the topic 
  • Groups of 6 to 8 people will work collaboratively
  • Speakers & CIE administration are part of the groups
  • Each group is lead by a WE Design Think facilitator



5:30 Networking

6:00 Start Program: Overview

6:15 Speakers

7:00 Overview of Workshop

7:15 Workshop

8:00 Prep for Presentations

8:15 Presentations

8:45 Closing Remarks

9:00 Good Night


WE Design Think

WE Design Think experiences consist of events that focus on collaborative solution-generation for a particular organizational problem. All attendees, including speakers and sponsors, collaborate to discover, ideate, and then prototype a solution. The speakers’ role is to frame the problem and provide background information about the event subject to the attendees. All the participants then go through a facilitated WE Design Think experience in cohorts of 6-8 people to actively solve the problem in question.

A central tenet of the WE Design Think experience is that the workshop enables participants to acquire new skills in Design Thinking which they can then incorporate into their lives, their work, or their new endeavors.  Active use of these new skills will result in new behaviors that enhance the participants' abilities as innovation leaders.