Design Your 2016 Goals! Using Design Thinking to Set your 2016 Goals.

Design Your 2016 Goals! Using Design Thinking to Set your 2016 Goals.

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From 5.30pm until 8.30pm

At Dev Bootcamp

351 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654 Suite 701

Design Your 2016 Goals

How Might We  Design our 2016 Goals to Relect Our Desired Year?



Get your year off to a great start! Use the Design Thinking process to SET  your goals for 2016 in this hands-on workshop.  In this workshop we will focus on ourselves and design our 2016: moving from what do people say about me to what do I WANT them to say about me.

This shift allows you to write your own story. To do this, we need to set goals.

Join us to write your story by defining your 2016 goals. 



This workshop is sponsored and co-hosted by Dev Bootcamp.  

Your fee includes food, drinks, and all materials needed.



We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to create solutions that use a human centered design approach to creating products and services. There are no prerequisites for this workshop.



5:30 Networking

6:00 Speaker and Background Info

6:15 Workshop

7:30 Presentations

8:00 Good Bye




Karen Gordon is the CEO of WE Design Think. She has been in the digital innovation space for over 25 years. In addition to her Fortune 100 and non profit experience, Karen has been a mentor and instructor at 1871 - Chicago's largest startup incubator - for three years. She instructs and mentors at the University of Chicago's Booth school.

The intersection of Design Thinking and Business Models is one of Karen's core strengths. She looks to help you achieve a greater success in creating solutions that create new value.





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