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Amanda Hogan

14:34 25 October in bio by 50 ACTION 50

Amanda Hogan Development Manager, i.c. Stars Amanda Hogan is excited to work with i.c.stars donors, mentors, sponsors, and employers as Development Manager. She previously worked with families and child care providers to facilitate child care assistance subsidies at Illinois Action for Children. There she took an...

Abby Dryer

Abby Dryer

22:14 12 September in bio by 50 ACTION 50

Abby Dryer Owner, Ask Abby Dryer Abby has a passion for bringing sanity to crazy projects and fixing painful processes, enabling people to work effectively and still have time for interesting personal lives. Her dynamic approach to solving problems is especially effective at motivating teams to work...

Thom Arnold

20:45 12 September in bio by 50 ACTION 50

Thom Arnold Development Associate - i.c.stars Thom has dedicated his career to serving others, working both in direct-service & administrative roles in a variety of nonprofit organizations. He believes the best nonprofits do more than provide aid: they form partnerships with clients that lead to transformation. He is excited...