50 ACTION 50

Financial Fluency:  Key to Economic Freedom

October 2, 2017 | Chicago | Host: 1871

Financial Fluency: Critical Key to Economic Freedom

How might we ensure financial knowledge becomes  a core lifetime capability that results in our true freedom?

On average a family is missing $1 Million in their retirement fund because of wage inequity. What? That is right. Why don’t we know this and why don’t we act on it.
Join us! Together we will explore and create actions that will impact a women’s ability to realize her full  economic potential and contribution.  Understanding and appreciating money only happens when one becomes fluent in all aspects of financial capability.  This is a family issue, not just a woman’s issue.
The 50 ACTION 50 Committee brings a spot light to this unacknowledged barrier and how it impacts family income.  The workshop results in you having actions you can take within your family, within your community, and at work.



The Fact

It is a fact that when organizations champion the contributions of women in their workforce they gain a strategic advantage which leads to better returns.

The Action

50 ACTION 50 brings women and men together to commit to activate women’s full economic potential and contribution.


Will your organization be one of the 50? Apply and find out. Join an influential community of high-profile women and men committed to Act within their organizations. This day-long Summit will result in a commitment to execute actions that will positively impact their organizations. Attendees will work in teams to identify one key action to take back to their organization.

Sponsors & Participant Companies

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