Dan Fallon

Dan Fallon

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Dan Fallon

Executive Partner, Gartner

CIO,CTO, COO, Investor

Dan Fallon is an Executive Partner at Gartner working closely with senior executives helping match their priorities to specific actions to deliver results. Dan has 30 years of experience motivating and mentoring people and organizations to improve performance. He brings a pragmatic perspective to helping leaders navigate issues, opportunities, and career decisions. He helps teams debate, decide, and do, while course correcting when needed.

As an Accenture consulting partner, Dan led transformative programs for clients as well as establishing and managing Accenture’s Global ERP Delivery Centers. He also was a founding executive of Accenture’s technology outsourcing practice. Subsequently, as CIO/CTO at two Fortune 250 companies, Dan learned firsthand the critical interaction among strategy, governance, business operations, and innovation. As the President & COO of a private manufacturing company, Dan learned how to manage and profitably grow a business while helping people achieve more than otherwise expected.

Dan enjoys helping people improve. He particularly champions the cause of a diverse workplace in which ideas flourish, mistakes are learning moments, collaboration is key, and people are treated equitably.

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