Design Thinking Workshop: Redesign High Education to Fit 2020 & Beyond

Design Thinking Workshop: Redesign High Education to Fit 2020 & Beyond

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Hey Design Thinkers! Join us to practice our Design Thinking skills. We will practice (or learn) our Design Thinking as we redesign Higher Education to fit 2020 and beyond. Higher Ed is in the middle of a radical transformation.  It has been predicted that 50% of our colleges will go bankrupt in 15 years.  We will have three speakers representing the complex issues impacting higher education. Their role is to help inform our conversation and get us thinking for our workshop. The only skills you need for this event and workshop are listening and collaboration abilities. Fun it will be!

Event Goal

As always we want you to feel confident that you can use Design Thinking  to solve any problem.  Higher Education is our case study.


As with all our Designing Think workshops, our speakers activate our thinking and act as our subject matter experts. We take their knowledge and then break into groups of 5-7 people. Each group will be led through the Design Thinking process to consider how they might redesign higher education. At the end we will come back together and each group will present their ideas.


Lisa Schumacher,  Program Director Startup Institute

Meeting the Ever Evolving Skill Needs of Business “Now”

•Overview: The four-year or two-year cycles of our traditional education approach is failing to meet workforce skill needs of rapidly evolving businesses.

Ce Cole Dillon, Chief Operating Officer Student Loan 411 LLC

The Evolving Higher Education Business Model

•Overview: The traditional business model used by colleges and universities is failing all stakeholders, particularly (US) students who are being priced out of educational, and therefore, work opportunities.  In addition we have state budget cuts that are forcing students out of their colleges.

Kitty Vorisek, Executive Director, Lucas GC Ltd, Beijing-Chicago

Urbanization and Globalization of Business and Talent

•Our traditional higher education system is not delivering a workforce prepared to prosper and lead in the increasingly global market place.