Mildred Friedman’s Thoughts on Design and Herman Miller

Mildred Friedman’s Thoughts on Design and Herman Miller

18:55 24 February in Uncategorized

Mildred Friedman loves the world of Design. Her career is proof of that. She was the editor of the influential Design Quarterly and was the Walker Art Center’s design curator for much of the 1970s and 1980s. She was renown for her groundbreaking exhibits, one of which included  Nelson/Eames/Girard/Propst: The Design Process at Herman Miller (1975). She is now retired, but the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis late last year named their design fellowship position in her honor.

I thought she would be a great coda to our recent exploration of Herman Miller, so I recently interviewed her over the phone. I wondered what she thought was the key to the designers’ success behind the famous office chairs that Herman Miller produced. It should not come as a big surprise that she said her favorite designers were Charles and Ray Eames, mainly because they were the “smartest.”

I also wanted to know what led her to become interested in Design. Click below to listen more.

(Special thanks goes to her daughter and granddaughter, who were helpful in arranging the interview.)


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