People Matter When Designing: Part 1 of John Berry Interview

People Matter When Designing: Part 1 of John Berry Interview

18:55 18 February in Featured

I recently talked to John Berry, the executive director of Design West Michigan, which explores and advocates for design as an economic building block for the region. He is also the former vice president of corporate communications at Herman Miller.

In immersing myself in the world of Herman Miller, I read a book he wrote called “Herman Miller: The Purpose of Design.” It offered a great history of the company that is known for its beautiful office furniture and great designers, such as Ray and Charles Eames and George Nelson. There are lessons to be learned about Design and Design Thinking from Herman Miller’s history and from their designers, and over the next several days John talks about some of those lessons in a series of audio slideshows.

In part one, John talks about the importance of remembering needs of the people when Designing. Although this may sound simplistic, Herman Miller’s fortunes changed once a designer named Gilbert Rohde reminded the founder of Herman Miller that it was the people in the room that mattered — not the furniture.

Click below to listen and watch.

(Special thanks to Linda Baron, the archivist at Herman Miller, for all her help in gathering and sending archival photos.)