The Herman Miller Way 

The Herman Miller Way 

18:55 16 February in Uncategorized


The biggest lesson that can be learned by studying and understanding the Design history and tenets of Herman Miller is this: Figure out what people need, and then produce something that is simple and beautiful in response.

How can that philosophy be applied to our lives and careers? Can we live and work in such a way that is simple and beautiful? My answers are yes and yes.

That means you need to figure out how your talents fit in such a way to solve a need. For me, as a journalist, my talent is the ability to tell a story in entertaining and concise ways. That is helpful to those who are hungry for information, which is a definite need in today’s society.

Life is full of daily problems that need daily solutions. I embrace that statement as a path to being more creative. By consciously making the decision that most of life is a challenge to bring Design Thinking into the equation, I am affirming that I want to be surrounded by beauty and simplicity. That, to me, is the Herman Miller way: an affirmation of beauty and simplicity as a solution to a need.

Charles Eames summed it up best when he said, “Any time one or more things are consciously put together in a way that they can accomplish something better than they could have accomplished individually, this is an act of design.”

What we are trying to build with our We Design Think group is to encourage this kind of mindset: Put things together in such a way that you accomplish something better, something simple, some beautiful.