Lessons Learned During the Workshop at Herman Miller

18:55 15 February in Uncategorized

Becky Ives has worked for more than 20 years in corporate and global business development, assisting pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies with product design in many different aspects. Her work involved changing old products that were not “working” anymore. This meant making brand changes to better serve a new audience and making internal shifts in organizational design, as well as the creation and introduction of brand new products serving untapped needs. Having spent many years living and working is Asia, the creative process and innovative ideas gave her a much more expansive way of thinking, which has helped her open her eyes to how transformation at a product or a human level can take place.

Within her corporate roles, she discovered a love for seeing the magic of an idea rise to the surface and become a reality and Design Thinking has always been integral in those developments. She describes herself as an explorer of an ideas, a life-long learner, an energetic risk taker and motivator of others and someone with an insatiable curiosity. She shared what she learned during the workshop with us.

What is one of your big dreams?

One of my biggest dreams is to help other people develop the business of their dreams. As a business coach, I assist others in their business design and help them find the barriers that get in the way.

Which of the Herman Miller design tenets you feel you need to apply to your life and career in order to make your dream come true?

Well, at a very simple level I think that all of the 10 Herman Miller Design tenets apply. They are so simple, yet such powerful statements that guide the Design process of my business. It makes sense, especially when I think about the sustainability and the success of the Herman Miller line of products. Simplicity — it removes the noise and allows for the magic to rise to the surface, and that’s what makes these tenets so practical.

What breakthrough did you experience from the discussion during the experiential part of our recent meeting?

It’s kind of funny when I think back about the moment when I read the tenets and thought about my business design. I realized that for my business coaching that there is work to get done around the purpose, the integrity and the originality of my business. There is a unique business service and value that only I can bring to other individuals, and as I work on designing it, these three areas for me are the ones that I realize that I need to spend more time on simplifying. There are a lot of consultants, coaches and others who do great work to help other businesses, but I have to stay true to my work, my gifts and to the people for which my work is designed. Like Herman Miller, you know it when you see it, and that’s really important to me as well.