Designing Your Life and Career

Designing Your Life and Career

18:55 14 February in Uncategorized

Herman Miller’s Design tenets make a lot of sense when they are applied to designing furniture. But they also make a lot of sense to folks interested in Design, in general. So we wondered what kind of exercise might be interesting to people who attended our first meeting. And we came up with a series of questions, which culminated with this one: How can Herman Miller’s Design tenets help people achieve their dreams?

The Experiential Part Of Our First Meeting

To give you a flavor of our first meeting, I’m going to share with you what we asked during the exercise. It’s something to ponder for those who want to inject Design Thinking into charting a course for your career and lives.

We asked participants to pair up with someone else. Then each person asked the other the following:


  • Up until this point in life and career, what key things define you in terms of hobbies, specific work accomplishments, volunteer activities and family?


Each person shared their answers on Post Its.


  • Several more questions followed that prompted more discussions.
  • What are your dreams?
  • What are the obstacles to your dreams?


But what we were really interested in was how the 10 Design tenets applied to people’s lives and careers and which ones could be used to achieve their dreams? Tomorrow, we will examine one of the participants who had a breakthrough in terms of her career as a result of participating in the workshop at Herman Miller.